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PEAVEY BLAZER            
Peavey Transtube Blazer 158 1x8 15W Guitar Amp with Reverb Features: TransTube circuitry for realistic tube tone 15W power 8" Blue Marvel speaker Modern and vintage voicing switches 2 switchable channels (clean and lead) 3-band EQ Reverb with level control Tape/CD input and headphone jack 15"W x 16-3/4"H x 11-1/4"D 15 lbs.
מחיר: 920
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KUSTOM ARROW16DFX            
תאור:Kustom Arrow 16 DFX 2 Selectable Channels: 1 Lead, 1 Rhythm Loud 16-Watt RMS Output Studio-quality 24-Bit Digital Effects (Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Flange, Tremolo) Aggressive Lead Channel: Separate Gain & Volume Controls One 8-inch Celestion™ Speaker EQ: 3-Band (Treble, Middle, Bass) CD/Tape Input & Headphone Jack
מחיר: 1343
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KUSTOM DUAL30RC            
The DUAL 35 RC is a 30-watt combo amplifier with a 10-inch Celestion speaker. Like its bigger QUAD brothers, it also has two channels and analog chorus and reverb. The Lead channel has two High-Gain preamp choices, and both channels share common Bass, Middle and Treble controls. There are plenty of conveniences on the DUAL 35, such as an external speaker jack, headphone jack, CD/Tape input and more. You’ll like what you hear! Features 3 Selectable Preamp Modes: 2 High Gain, 1 Clean Built In Reverb & Chorus Effects 30-watt RMS Output One 10-inch Celestion Speaker EQ: 3-Band CD/Tape Input Headphone Jack
מחיר: 1342
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KUSTOM 66-DART            
The new Kustom 66 DART Guitar Amplifier takes Kustom's popular 10-watt guitar amp platform and gives it a full-on "Tuck n' Roll" visual treatment. Each unit boasts a vintage Kustom logo, carrying handle, control knobs and grille cloth. The '66 DART is a two-channel amplifier with analog reverb and delay effects and a plywood baffle, which enhances the resonance and overall tonality of the cab. . Although it's a small amp, the '66 DART offers full 3-Band EQ, a speaker output to drive an external cabinet, Line Out and Headphone jacks as well as a CD/Tape input. The '66 DART amplifiers will be offered for a limited time only. Kustom '66 DART Guitar Amplifier Features: 10 watts RMS output 6.5-inch special design speaker with plywood baffleboard Lead and rhythm channels Bass, middle and treble EQ Analog reverb and delay effects External speaker jack Headphone jack CD/tape input 13"W x 11-1/2"H x 7-4/5"D 290mmH x330mmW x198mmD 13-1/5 lbs/ 6 kg
מחיר: 924
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