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Another Tone Control

Another Tone Control
Since treble frequencies pass through a capacitor, what would happen if you routed the positive lead THROUGH the capacitor rather than having it ground out frequencies?
The answer: just the opposite - the signal from you pickups would pass through the capacitor and only treble frequencies would get through. Aha! A new type of tone control. The illustration below shows this type of wiring in a bit of an advanced concept.
A NEW IDEA: What would happen if we used a potentiometer similar to that found in home stereo balance controls (with a center stopping position and controlling two channels at once)? We could use the center position as an "Off" position for the tone control, and use each direction of rotation as different types of tone controls.
The illustration below shows a wiring diagram for such a control. Rotating counter-clockwise from center works like a standard tone control, grounding out the treble frequencies.
Rotating clockwise from center lets only treble frequencies pass through, creating a brighter sound.
The components used are as follows:
Dual potentiometer with center detent, 250K ohms to 500K ohms, Audio taper.
C1 - 0.02 μF to 0.1 μF
C2 - around 200 pF
(experiment with a few values).

Again, the positive (+) and ground (-) leads can be wired from the output jack. The positive lead labeled "to pickups" should go to the next control in the normal flow of the signal (usually a volume control).